Itinerary from San Cristobal

Itinerary from San Cristobal

Day by day

Day 1 : San Cristobal Island: Arrival & Lobos Island

Today's flight will take us to San Cristobal Island, Galapagos. The flight time to the mainland is less than two hours. Upon arrival, we board M/Y Evolution for lunch and briefing before heading to Isla Lobos, our first visitor site.

Lobos Island

It lives up to its name -Sea Lion Island - with its noisy population barking and frolicking animals. It is located just north of San Cristobal on the west coast. A channel separates it from the lagoon, creating an inviting lagoon. Here you will have your first encounter with the playful "wolves of sea", a group of playful "wolves of water". Kicker Rock is a magnificent formation rising 152m (500ft) from the Pacific. The rock appears to be a sleeping lion but, from another angle, you can see how it has been split into a massive tablet that is then pierced by the ocean, creating a great chisel for etching.

You will have some time to shower after the visit. Then, we'll get ready for our first formal briefing and welcome cocktail. (lunch, dinner)

Day 2 : South Plaza Island & Santa Cruz Island: Punta Carrion & Mosquera Islet

South Plaza Island

We visit South Plaza Island in the morning. It is one of the most beautiful and small islands in the Galapagos. Yellow land iguanas walk through bright red carpetweed, waiting for prickly pear green cactus to drop. The landing site is surrounded by turquoise waters, with orange sally lightfoots crabs dotted the blackened lava. You'll find swallow-tailed gulls nesting on the small island's up-tilted side, and red-billed tropicbirds flying in dance displays. Blue footed boobies will also be visible along the cliff's edge.

Santa Cruz Island: Punta Carrion & Mosquera Islet

Afternoon snorkeling at Puntacarrion, followed by a visit Mosquera. Although Mosquera is a small sandbar, it's home to a playful colony sea lions. (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Punta Cormorant | Flightless cormorant | Galapagos Islands
El Progreso | Giant Tortoise | Galapagos Islands
Corona del Diablo | Colorful fishes | Galapagos Islands


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Guides & activities throughout the cruise
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Soft drinks, juice, coffee, chocolate, water and tea throughout the cruise
Lectures and entertainment on board
Snorkeling equipment & wetsuits (shorties)
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A fun welcome excursion to Lobos Islands with hundreds of Sea Lions.
Boobies, frigate birds, sea lions and more at Mosquera and Punta Carrion.
Galapagos Hawk, iguanas, green turtles and black-sand beach at James Bay.
Red footed boobies and amazing snorkeling following Prince Philip’s Steps.
Iguanas, sea-lions, blue-footed bobbies and more while hiking in North Seymour.
Pristine fairy-tails green and red beaches at Cormorant Point.
A farewell panga-ride at Black Turtle Cove Mangrove area.