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Galapagos tours in the Islands of Evolution

Galapagos tours are all about getting close to wildlife and enjoying nature.

Our website is all about planning tours to the Galapagos Islands, Darwin´s wake, a land of pristine nature and wildness. We invite you to read about this exotic and enchanting destination. Our webpages offer information on how to:

  • Get to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, from international flights to local airport transfers and flights from mainland Ecuador to the Islands.
  • Where to stay and what to do in mainland Ecuador.
  • Information about Galapagos tours on board the M/V Evolution our boutique mega yacht for cruising the archipelago of "Las Encantadas" in style and tradition.
  • Other tour options for visiting the Galapagos Islands - if our boat does not fit your needs we will recommend one that does - this is our commitment to help you plan tours to Ecuador & Galapagos.
  • Plan your trip, what to bring and when to come based on your special interests and needs.
  • We can create a custom tour and book it for you allowing you to enjoy a carefree vacation.

Our tour ship the Galapagos Evolution is designed to offer a classical cruise with modern comforts.  Our natural history Galapagos cruises offer you privileged travel to the most afamed natural laboratory of evolution on the planet. In choosing a Galapagos cruise, we suggest small ships and week long cruises, this is how we operate our vessel the M/V Galapagos Evolution.

Any Galapagos cruise will offer you encounters with unique wildlife. Our naturalist-guided, first class/luxury mega-yacht is outfitted for Galapagos tours offering less travel time in-between islands, more time at visitor sites and access to landing sites accesible only to small ships.

Our Galapagos tours feature fine dining and spacious cabins, but the real focus is spending the most time possible enjoying the scenic landscapes and endemic wildlife of the Galapagos Islands guided by a certified Galapagos naturalist. We can also book travellers into larger Galapagos expedition style cruise ships with more shipboard perks, but we find that the majority of travellers with natural history interest, planning a once-in-a-lifetime Galapagos tour, prefer a smaller yacht and a more intimate experience.

The best way to find the right Galapagos cruise and overall Ecuador travel program is to read through our website and have your interest well layed-out, once you know what you want to see in the Galapagos as to wildlife and marine encounters just give us a ring our Galapagos tours advisors will be happy to assist you- our phone number in Ecuador is: +59383220052 if you are in U.S. & Canada our toll free number is: 1-866-725-3255, you can also reach us by email:

Call us well before your intended Galapagos travel or tour dates. The M/V Galapagos Evolution is one of the most popular ships in the Galapagos Islands and fills far in advance, especially in winter months and during school holiday travel periods. If you have your own tour group or are planning a family Galapagos tour, ask about special charters.

Getting to your Galapagos cruise ship starts with a flight from mainland Ecuador. You can book your international air travel reservations directly from the website of the air carrier, it is cheaper than what any consolidator can offer - proven true everytime - we can arrange airport transfers and Quito or Guayaquil hotel reservations. Galapagos trips combine well with travel to Peru, Panama, the Andes, Pacific coast beaches and the Amazon; departures are year-round, and every Galapagos tours on bard the M/V Galapagos Evolution includes opportunities for diving, snorkeling and swimming with marine wildlife.